Thursday, January 11, 2018

New Year, New Beginnings

Hello and Happy New Year everyone!

This blog post will serve as an announcement for changes to this site and what you can expect from me going forward.

For those who are new to the site, this blog was made to be an accessible source of information covering animals of the Cenozoic Era. Since starting in 2013, I have been writing up such things as detailed overviews of specific animals, morphology, and notable fossil sites. I thank those of you who have stuck with me since from the beginning as I have continued to evolve my writing and art style. I have a few new series in the works which include, but not limited to, documentary and book reviews and comparative anatomy. I am driven by a love of learning new things and a desire to share my knowledge with others, and this blog has been my outlet for doing that.

My paleontological research is currently unpaid, and the amount of money that I make on commissioned artwork is unpredictable from month-to-month. Furthermore, a considerable amount of time goes into research and producing the artwork for a given blog post to ensure an optimal final product. Long-time followers of this blog will note that I have been somewhat prone to extended periods of inactivity. This is not for lack of trying, but due to the demands of everyday life (food and bills) I have been forced to commit more of my time into other, more profitable avenues. Trust me when I say the backlog of rough drafts, concept art, and ideas is vast and ever-growing, it’s just that more often than not I have to leave them on the backburner!

Thus, in order to make my efforts a bit more sustainable and increase my output, I have established a few means for which you the readers can help make this blog grow.

First off, I have just launched a Patreon page. Patreon, for those who are unaware, is a crowdfunding platform that provides a means to support your favorite authors, artists, and other online content-creators with monthly micropayments. There’s no obligation and, once started, you can quit at any time. In return for your money, you get access to exclusive content, updates, and rewards. Even small amounts can make a huge difference, so any donation you can offer is hugely appreciated. At minimum, patrons who donate $1 per month can expect to have access to in-progress and exclusive artwork related to upcoming blog posts (see the GIF below for an example) and prints, concept art, and other updates. And of course, the more you pledge the more you receive in return.

Another new addition is my store on Redbubble, a global online marketplace for print-on-demand products based on user submitted artwork. The site allows its members to sell their artwork as decoration on a variety of products including T-shirts, posters, mugs, stickers, and many more. I currently have no merchandise to show at the timing of this blog post, but the first designs are planned to be uploaded by late January. From then on, a few new designs will be announced on the last full week of every month.

All of your support will go into helping me with academic activities such as attending conferences and carrying out research projects. It will also free me up to produce better quality work and allow me to keep a more consistent and less sporadic posting schedule (shooting for every other Thursday or Friday at minimum).

This is a transitional period where I am trying to turn my once-hobby into more of a sustainable part-time job of sorts. The idea behind my work has always been to provide a free and accessible source to inform and stimulate curiosity in those who visit my site. There will always be hiccups as I learn to accommodate and adjust. So, as I move forward, please give me your support and patience, and I'll continue to supply you, the viewers, with the content you've enjoyed since 2013.

Thank you all so very much!

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